DeAndra Bradley

DeAndra Bradley is often referred to by Marisa Home Care clients as the caregiver with the pretty name and beautiful smile.

“Everybody likes it when someone takes a personal interest in them,” said DeAndra, who’s been with Marisa Home Care for three years.

 “To us, our work is more than a business relationship. We like to treat our clients like family.”

DeAndra, who also serves as an on-call supervisor, says she grows very close to her long-term clients.

She still misses watching black and white movies in the afternoons – a favorite activity of an extra-special client with dementia who died in November 2017.

For two years she’s also been visiting a lovely woman with Parkinson’s Disease, who used to enjoy going shopping or out to lunch, but now prefers to stay in and watch a cooking show with DeAndra. Afterward, the pair discuss how to plan and prepare meals.

“What we do depends on what type of day the client is having – what they’re in the mood for,” said DeAndra, who previously provided direct care to mentally disabled men living in a group home.

“Some people like to go, go, go. Other clients really aren’t comfortable leaving home.”

When DeAndra’s not working, she enjoys listening to music, especially Rhythm & Blues and “Oldies But Goodies” like the Isley Brothers. Her favorite pastime? Lounging in the grass on Belle Isle and being refreshed by breezes wafting over the Detroit River.