Jessica Strichartz, Chief Operating Officer

Jessica Strichartz’s favorite indoor past-time activity is putting together jigsaw puzzles. That fact surprises no one who has seen Jessica, Marisa Home Care’s chief operating officer, perform detailed tasks and solve complicated problems.

Jessica is in charge of scheduling caregivers with new and current clients, and she says she loves working toward the best solutions for families and employees. 

Her primary responsibility is all about ensuring the satisfaction of clients and caregivers — and the details can make a difference. Once Jessica understands what the particular needs are, she goes to work problem solving how those needs might most effectively and efficiently be met.

“We come into the picture at a very difficult time in a client’s life,” Jessica said. “Often they’re feeling helpless because they cannot do everything for themselves that they once did.  They may have recently lost a spouse and are feeling sad and lonely.”

While Jessica does not provide hands-on care, she takes pride in being someone who sets solutions in motion. She makes sure the company is following good business practices and drives policy decisions. Her objective: Attend to the ‘big picture’ so care runs smoothly and clients are taken care of thoroughly.

“I love my job most when clients or their families make a point of telling me how great a difference Marisa caregivers make,” Jessica said. “There’s a lot of truth to that old phrase ‘there’s no place like home.’  Every client wants to remain at home where they’re happy, everything is familiar, and they feel safe. We’re glad we can help with that.”

Jessica joined Marisa Home Care in 2016, after a decade of monitoring governmental compliance issues as a member of Jewish Senior Life’s housing department. Transitioning from senior housing to home-care, Jessica said, was a gentle learning curve.

“In my personal life I’ve always been one to care for the people around me,” Jessica said. “This comes naturally.”

Jessica loves traveling, hiking and basking in the great outdoors. Favorite trips have been to Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, India and California.