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Home for the Holidays? Let Us Help.

WITH THE HOLIDAYS approaching, and with COVID-19 surging upward, Marisa Home Care wants you to know that we understand your concern for your loved one requiring care, and the stress-level you are likely operating under. Options you may have had pre-pandemic are shrinking; family members who normally share care are quarantining, and nursing homes have become hotspots of contagion. 

In a sobering article for Next Avenue, gerontologist Sherri Snelling reports on “The Coming Wave of Nursing Home Closings” and what COVID-19’s effects mean for current and prospective nursing home residents. After experiencing the last nine months of the pandemic, we know the devastation the virus wreaks on the ill and the elderly, especially when confined to a group living space: 

More than 61,000 nursing home residents have died from the coronavirus since the pandemic began, 40% of all COVID-19 deaths. What’s likely to come next: a wave of nursing home closings. (Snelling)

As our nation continues to grapple with COVID-19’s cascading effects, the individuals who rely on assisted living or nursing homes may be forced to find alternative solutions. Our clients who are physically frail, disabled or living with dementia are part of an ‘invisible’ population often requiring long term, specialized resources that can be difficult to discover, obtain or afford. 

If you find yourself responsible for a family member needing assistance, Marisa Home Care can offer you much needed respite. Our caregivers perform personal tasks for clients like showering and administering medications, along with grocery shopping, meal prep and light housekeeping.

Overwhelmingly, our clients wish to remain in their own home environments, and Marisa can help make that happen by providing customized, affordable care as part of your family’s support system. 

As a locally owned and managed company, Marisa Home Care has roots in your community and is dedicated to providing services to get you and your loved ones safely through this pandemic. While all of us wait for a reliable vaccine, Marisa is here to assist you over the holidays, through the new year or for as long as you need a helping hand. ~

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