Because Sometimes You Need a Hand is more than a slogan at Marisa Home Care; it’s a philosophy that guides its staff to approach each client with understanding, professionalism, and a can-do attitude that inspires confidence in clients and their families.

“We think of it as ‘Just Ask’ care,” said founder and co-owner Marsha Goldsmith Kamin, who describes the company as a boutique-style care provider, where the commitment to providing comfort and quality care goes beyond the limitations of typical home care services.

Clients can choose from a wide variety of services and types of care, from temporary help for those who are hospitalized or recovering from surgery or injury, to those who require more intensive long-term care. 

The staff at Marisa Home Care includes a range of trained caregivers, including registered nurses (RNs), licensed professional nurses (LPNs), gerontologists and aides, who provide everything from skilled nursing care for bedridden patients to monthly trips to Costco for seniors who need an extra pair of hands.

“We’re incredibly flexible,” Goldsmith Kamin said. “It’s not ‘home care in a box’. We’re not a franchise; we’re a local company whose principals have years of experience and deep roots in the community.”

The services that Marisa Home Care staff members can provide are as individual as the clients who request them. Besides basic services such as assistance with meals, bathing, dressing and medication, or transportation to medical appointments, Marisa caregivers will accompany families or individuals on vacations, take an older adult to synagogue or a night at the theater, or help out with holiday shopping or decorating.

For older adults wishing to remain in their own homes as long as possible, to those recuperating from surgery or illness, Marisa can make life easier. One call is all it takes to arrange a confidential consultation to determine the best care plan for you or a loved one. ~

Marisa Home Care Contacts: Marsha Goldsmith Kamin & Christopher Corbett; 27698 Franklin Road, Southfield, MI 48034; (248) 354-7600;

Excerpted from Detroit Jewish News, December 2015; Ronelle Grier (Contributing Writer), Jerry Zolynsky (Photography)

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