Family Caregiving: A Seed of Possibility

A pandemic has the possibility of bringing us together in ways none of us would have been able to predict or expect.” – Oprah Winfrey

Through the stress, worry, loneliness and sadness that affects many under the heavy cloud of COVID-19, a small seed of possibility has managed to stake-out space and take root. For many people, without the usual distractions of commuting to work, shopping at the mall or attending events for friends and family, previously over-burdened schedules are suddenly wide open and empty.

This means, with more restrictions in public and fewer entertainment diversions, we are left to interact in our safe spaces with each other. 

Sometimes spending time with each other means reaching out with scheduled Facetime calls or Zoom video chats with friends, neighbors and long-distance family. We are learning to consciously appreciate our relationships and the new importance of making the effort, in-person or across the internet, to stay in touch. We have the choice to grow the possibilities being offered to us right now, by spending time with people we love. 


While acting as home caregivers for ailing or elderly family members, we may suddenly have more time and space to truly hear what our loved ones need to tell us. Connecting with each other, despite masks and social-distancing, nourishes the small seed of possibility that helps us sustain each other in challenging times. Finding ways to make connections happen regularly, creates rituals that become lifelines for ill or elderly relatives living alone, or who depend on us for daily assistance. 

Going through old family photographs together and recording the stories meaningful to a parent or partner are activities that may have been postponed in more hectic, pre-pandemic times. Simply sitting outside in the evening for an hour of ‘Wine & Memories’ with elderly relatives can create a feeling of structure and safety when isolation and depression threaten emotional wellness.

Will the pandemic offer “the possibility of bringing us together in ways none of us would have been able to predict or expect”, as Oprah states? We have the possibility of taking time during the ongoing global chaos to daily cherish the gift of each other — and as the pandemic reminds us, that is all that matters.


When distance, job, quarantine or need for respite interferes with your personal care of a family member, Marisa Home Care is able to assist. Everyone needs a helping hand while living in an unpredictable situation, and Marisa caregivers are available when you need home caregiving support.

“These are challenging times we’re facing,” says Marisa Co-founder Chris Corbett in his letter, Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe. “You can count on us to continue to deliver exceptional service, which includes the well-being of your loved ones. That remains our priority.”

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