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Packing Up a Lifetime

Having to make an immediate or unexpected move to a rehabilitative center or assisted living due to health issues is very difficult for anyone. If the move becomes permanent, family members are often left with the sad task of disassembling the home left behind, a home filled with furniture, personal belongings, family treasures and…memories. Author …

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Spring Cleaning…for SAFETY!

AT MARISA HOME CARE, we know that every one of our clients would like to recover from illness or surgery in the comfort of their own home. We know that elderly clients want to live out their lives surrounded by the homey space that contains their beloved memories and reinforces their daily routines… We also understand the many environmental …

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“Thank you for giving my mother back to me”

In a short, powerful VIDEO, Hospice of Michigan highlights the ability of Music Therapy to bring quality of life to patients with limited responsiveness. Whether it’s dementia or aging or disease, MUSIC reaches past the pain or cobwebs to bring back memories connected to familiar tunes. WATCH >> THE VIDEO  (2:46) Marsha Goldsmith Kamin, co-founder of Marisa …

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Pills in a dispenser box marked with days of week

“Was it one pill at 2:00 PM…or two pills at 1:00 PM?”

Medication Management & Safety for Caregivers There has been a lot of recent news coverage on the ‘Opioid Epidemic’.  The focus has been on the overuse and abuse of these powerful painkillers, and while these drugs can become addicting they are also our frontline defense against extreme chronic pain. Learn: Opiate, Opioid, Narcotic – What’s …

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