We are here to provide help to families experiencing pain and loss. The following letters from our clients illustrates why we at Marisa Home Care do what we do. Our sincere condolences to our clients’ families, and our appreciation for letters that touched our organization and the home care aides involved in their parents’ care.

“… your company was a blessing” — ​Thanks for your support. Thanks for everything; every worker, your caring touch. Your company was a blessing. Love,  Beverly and family

“…providing such compassionate service”–  Thank you and the entire staff of Marisa Home Care for all you did for our Mother and for us. Thank you also for your kind thoughts and prayers and for providing such compassionate care during the final weeks of her life.
~ Family-members in Farmington Hills

“… you genuinely cared” — I just want to thank you and the caregivers who have been so thoughtful, caring and devoted to helping with my mom over these last two years or so. I truly appreciated each of you. I always read the care notes and received reports from Susan. It was obvious that you genuinely cared for and treated my Mom well. I appreciate it and thank you from the bottom of my heart. It made this whole endeavor much easier on me. Thank you so much.
~ Todd, West Bloomfield

“… accountable, very professional and accessible” — Things happen that I know are out of your control and I appreciate your response to the incident; taking immediate charge of the situation and offering to resolve it. What differentiates you from the other companies is that you are accountable, very professional and accessible.
~ Daughter, West Bloomfield

“… remarkably productive and sincerely concerned” — I appreciate your thoughtfulness and sensitivity to my needs for Home Care after surgery in November. Fortunately, I was able to discover your agency after much research in this area and your patience in clarifying your regulations. Myisha was remarkably productive and sincerely concerned with following through on the tasks I needed performed at a time when I had just relocated and was unable to do for myself post-surgery.
All the very best,
~ Client, Southfield

“… appreciate your service” — We appreciate your service and wish you the best in the future. I would recommend you to others and in fact I nominated you in my response to ‘The Jewish News’.
~ Husband, Riverview

“… helped to ease the difficult transition” — Everyone was wonderful to work with. They definitely helped to ease the difficult transition. When we needed to up the hours in an emergency, you always came through!
~ Daughter, West Bloomfield

“… always on time.. personable” — Keep finding good caregivers! The one we had was always on time, did the tasks requested, was personable and we were very pleased with her.
~ Spouse, West Bloomfield

“… not sure how we would’ve made it without Marisa” — Thank you for all you did to take care of Mom and Dad over those last few months. I’m not sure how we would have made it through without Marisa. Your care was very much appreciated. In addition, I want to thank you, Judy, for everything you did for Mom and Dad. I know how much they appreciated your help. I also know how much I appreciated knowing you were there taking care of things. We really appreciated the support. Thanks also for the nights at the hospital with Mom. She loved you.
~ Adult Daughter, Trenton

“… impressed with your detailed messages” — Impressed with your very detailed messages (emails) regarding our mother’s care. Thank you!
~ Son and Daughter-In-Law, West Bloomfield

“… a life-line” — Your firm and staff were a life-line for me.  Looking back I can’t imagine how I could have managed without your help.  My only wish is that I might have started the service sooner.  Thank all of you!
~ Spouse, Downtown Detroit

“… invaluable perspective” — I thank God for the wonderful gift of having you, Marisa, involved just at the right time. Now looking back, returning to their apartment turned out to be the best decision for my parents. We had a wonderful matrix of support … with personalized focus on my dad’s needs as they changed. My dad actually had improved in his condition, enjoyed many more “up” days, and we were all blessed with more special moments with him. Lauren & Robin were amazing in their care and expertise – they became part of our family. Especially when my dad’s health started to decline. Robin’s experience in eldercare gave us invaluable perspective when working with Hospice. I appreciate the genuine concern from you, with checkpoint phone calls, follow-up, and visits. You can count on me referring you to others!
~ Adult Daughter, Milford

“… thanks for your patience and excellent instruction” — I just want you to know that I have been conscientiously doing the exercises you gave me every day, and I am sure they have increased my balance and stability as well as my confidence. I am back to walking 40 minutes a day and using my right hand pretty successfully. So a big thank you for your patience and excellent instruction.
~ 83-Year-Old Client, Royal Oak

“… kind and caring attention” — Thanks to Marisa and especially to you and your whole staff for your kind and caring attention to my Mom and Dad during my Dad’s extended period of need. Your support and efforts to help my parents were important to me, and I was glad you were there.
~ Sheldon, Huntington Woods

“… fully engaged in meeting our needs” — Marisa Home Health Care played a central role in providing courteous, respectful and attentive 24-hour care to Arthur’s mother, Sally, during the final weeks of her life. The staff, from administrators to those on the front lines, were fully engaged in meeting Sally’s needs, as well as the emotional needs of Arthur’s father, Morton. They were detailed, compassionate, professional and warm, earning our enduring respect and appreciation.
~ Gina, West Bloomfield

“… brought life, laughter and a caring heart” — Life teaches us many lessons. I learned SO MUCH from our wonderful caregivers. They taught me patience, understanding and HOW to deal with the disease. Mercedes & Maurice were so professional and guided me through the rough times with my husband. Ebony brought life, laughter and a caring heart. Mark was so gentle and made my husband feel the caring, kindness of his care. We thank Marisa Home Care for going through this journey in the best way possible. May you continue the good work and caring journey in the best way possible. May you continue the good work and caring for people.
~ Wife, West Bloomfield

“… care that allowed our mother to stay in her home” — We appreciate the care that allowed our mother to stay safe in her home. Best of love and laughter to you and yours.
~ Adult Children, Royal Oak

“… capable, dependable, understanding”
Everyone who came here was capable, dependable, understanding of my needs as well as mother’s. I could not have survived without their help. I will always remember all of you.
~ Adult Daughter, Livonia

“… a pleasure and a gift”
I just want to thank you, once again, for helping me out this past weekend. Annissa was the caregiver you provided to assist my mother during a family event. Annissa was so kind and patient with my mom, as well as extremely professional and competent in her approach and manner.
I can’t thank Annissa and you, as well, for everything you did to make my mom feel so relaxed and well-taken care of. It was a pleasure and a gift to have met Annissa and to have had her with us for the day. I don’t know what we would have done without her! Truly! All my best!
~ Adult Daughter, Huntington Woods

“… did so with a smile”
The agency was really good!  I appreciate your compassion. Thank you for your kindness.  Leva stood out; she was always doing whatever needed to be done,  from washing floors to the laundry, and she did so with a smile!
~ Adult Daughter, Huntington Woods

“… everything we could’ve hoped for”
The service provided was everything we could have hoped for. We could not have asked for more.
~ Son, West Bloomfield

“… called on Friday, had help in my home on Sunday”
I called Marisa on Friday afternoon and I had the help I needed in my home on Sunday. The caregivers weren’t just competent, they were pleasant, compassionate and eager to help my Mom and the whole family.
~ Don, West Bloomfield

“… excellent personnel”
Today was the final session with Jennifer. Al is really doing very well, and we no longer need any help with or for him. We have appreciated Jennifer immensely. Her calmness, competency, willingness to do anything that is necessary (or useful) for and with Al, or in our home, immensely helped him (and me!) on his long route to recovery. I do not think I could have managed without her and kept my own sanity and health going. Many times I have had an 8am meeting, and for a while that was too early to leave Al. She has been very flexible about times.
So thank you for recommending her to us. I cannot praise her enough, and both Al and I are grateful that she was one of the excellent Marisa personnel that you sent to us and that it worked out for her to continue with us during this past year and a half. As long as you continue to have people like Jennifer working with you (and Theresa – who helped organize my house!), I will be pleased to continue to recommend Marisa to others who need supportive nursing and related home help.
~ Spouse, Detroit

“… unending kindness and professionalism”
This message is in thanks of your care of my father over the past month. We would like to personally thank both Lonnie and Diana for their ultimate unending kindness and professionalism. Thank you and thanks again for everything. We will surely recommend “Marisa” to people in need of support.
~ Adult Daughter, West Bloomfield

“… compassionate care at this difficult time”
A huge thank you to all the lovely aides who were such a support to Donna and me these past few weeks. They were so kind and always professional and compassionate in their care at this difficult time. I’ll never forget them. With all good wishes…
~ Amy, Farmington

“… well organized, dependable and well trained”
We had two different persons assisting us. Both were competent and pleasant when here. One would come later in the day. She was good help. Part of her time was at dinner. She was invited to eat with us (good time to have another person here to visit with Tom). She was a good cook and a good shopper. Your service is well organized, dependable and well trained.
~ Wife, Royal Oak

“… relationship of love and mutual respect”
I would highly recommend your agency to anyone who would need home care service for a loved one.  You and all your associates have treated me and my situation with great care, respect and understanding.  You have provided special attention to detail and provided services which were requested.  Thank you.
Tawuanna is an excellent caregiver-very compassionate and attentive.  The relationship she built with my mother was one of love and mutual respect.  I felt assured that Tawuanna cared for my mother as if her own.  Can’t ask for better.
~Adult Daughter, Southgate

“… professionalism and friendship”
Your caring employees kept my father safe and comfortable in the last months of his life. Now we will go forth having you continue to care for my mom. Thank you for your professionalism and friendship.
~ Adult Daughter, West Bloomfield

“… you were always there for me”
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would not have been able to survive without your help and moral support. You were always there for me.
~ Adult Daughter, Livonia

“… so grateful!”
You guys were great – I am so grateful!!
~ Spouse, West Bloomfield

“… excellent”
Susan is excellent and this is our second time with her; would definitely have her again, if needed.
~ Adult Son, White Lake

“… everything.. was great”
Everything in terms of the care, the most important thing, was great.
~ Wife, West Bloomfield

“… wonderful job”
You did a wonderful job helping my parents out! Thank you so much!
~ Adult Daughter, Franklin

“… saved his life”
Marisa Home Care was referred to me by someone I trust, to help me take care of someone I care about. My Father was coming to town for the high holidays and was having health complications due to diabetes and previous amputations. The care he needed was not major, but more than me or my family could handle. The nurse came to our house to help us. She was kind and courteous to him and treated him with dignity and respect. My 2-year-old daughter would talk to her every day when she came in, and the nurse spoke with her as well. On the third day of my father’s stay, the nurse suggested I take my father to the hospital, because she was concerned about the way things looked. To be honest, I thought she was being over cautious, and I didn’t want to take him. She was very concerned and practically forced me to go. SHE SAVED HIS LIFE. I will spare you the details, but her attention to detail is the reason that he is alive today. Anytime he comes to town Marisa Home Care is there to make sure we are all safe and comfortable! All the best,
~ Ben R, Southfield

“… engaged her in conversation”
Thank you both for all your help with my mom. In addition, my sister and I want to thank you and the wonderful caregivers, who helped keep my mom safe, well-taken care of and engaged her in conversation for each of the days and hours that they stayed with her. What more can I say, but, thank you, so much, for everything!
~ Adult Daughter, Southfield